Annual End-of-the-Year Meeting                                    May 28, 2008



Attendees:  Maria Kaufmann, Janet Zimmerman, Virginia Justicz, April Burns, Wendy Feddersen, Barbara Closs, Jayne Rowe and other interested parties.


The meeting opened with a discussion of the final candidates for the Special Education Director position.


The selection process was explained.  Appreciation was expressed to Dr. Jefferson for including the public, and specifically, SEPAC in the process.


Ways to collaborate with the new Director were discussed.  SEPAC working together with the new Director was a main goal for the group.


Some ideas to introduce the Director to SEPAC were to present the history and systems of SEPAC, present our brochure of information, and also coordinate a meet and greet event.


The idea of a “welcome” event at the beginning of the year and then a “chat” event, after a period of transition time has passed, was discussed. 

Throughout the school year, SEPAC will focus on giving positive feedback as well as  presenting common issues heard from parents.


A vote for the SEPAC Steering Committee for the 08-09 school year began.  The nominees were as follows:


Co-Chairs:  Maria Kaufmann and Janet Zimmerman                   

Secretary:  April Burns

Co-Treasurers:  Wendy Feddersen and Becky Gordon

Pre-School Liaison:  Virginia Justicz

HES Liaison:  Janet Zimmerman

Bromfield Middle School Liaison:  Donna Baucom

Bromfield High School Liaison:  Jayne Rowe

Out-of-District Liaison:  Maria Kaufmann


All were approved.


The meeting ended with a visit from Principal Jim O’Shea of the Bromfield School who offered support of SEPAC and spoke of possibly participating in an event with SEPAC to address questions and concerns.