MAY 30, 2007




Meeting Attendees:              Susan Bigelow, Charles Horn, Tom Jefferson, Will Verbits, Maria Kaufmann, Janet Zimmerman, Sue Tokay, Wendy Feddersen, Donna Baucom, Jayne Rowe, Virginia Justicz, Ellen Cavanagh, April Burns, Becky Gordon


Summary of Meeting:


  1. Susan Bigelow made an informal presentation about a special education program at Nashoba High School for teens with emotional disorders. 


  1. New officers were elected:


Maria Kaufmann, Janet Zimmerman:  Co-Chairs

Wendy Feddersen, Becky Gordon:  Co-Treasurers

April Burns:  Secretary

Ellen Cavanagh:  Corresponding Secretary

Virginia Justicz:  Pre-School Liaison

Janet Zimmerman:  HES Liaison

Donna Baucom:  Middle School Liaison

Maria Kaufmann:  Out-of-District Liaison


  1. Janet Zimmerman gave a presentation about the content of the APPLE training (leadership training attended by Janet Zimmerman, Maria Kaufmann, Wendy Feddersen, Donna Baucom and Charles Horn)


  1. Action Items:


    1. Janet/Maria to send out newsletter/survey
    2. Janet to work with Charles to set up Basic Rights Workshop, parterning with Nashoba PAC, perhaps in October.